Over 15 years of insight

Greyrock Equity Research, LLC. is a global, investment firm focused on the technology and biotech industries. We provide insightful qualitative analyses on the companies we follow with a perspective of the entire technology industry. This gives our clients the appropriate context needed to make accurate and timely investment decisions.

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We are uniquely positioned to connect the goals of clients around the world with innovative ideas, expertise, guidance, and real-life solutions.

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Our Services

  • Company-specific proprietary equity research backed by copious data and analysis.
  • In-depth, strategic industry reports highlighting the next big technological trend before it happens Management Non-Deal Roadshows and conference calls.
  • Investor tutorials on technologies, companies and industry segments.
  • Direct access to analysts for timely, immediate feedback on stocks and the market.
  • Monthly one hour investor conference calls with CEOs and/or CFOs as well as discussions on a variety of topics in the technology industry.
  • Detailed company models, including estimates and valuation assumptions.